Non-Asian guys, is it true that east-Asian women are more likely to be cheated on?

Okay, my friend and I got into a little argument about Asian girls. He says that Asian girls are more likely to be cheated on because the white men that dates Asian girls have 'yellow fever', and guys with 'yellow fever' will chase after any Asian girl. I was very offended and worried by it because I'm an Korean guy with two sisters who are married to white men.
You see, when I first realized I had completely different features then my friends, I became racist to my own heritage. I thought that every Asians looked the same, and I lacked self confidence being one of them. I felt like a wasn't an individual. Whenever I saw an Asian-White/Black couple, I thought the Asian was being played with. So the first time I found out my older sisters were both dating white guys, which is when I was 15 and they were 20, I freaked out and worried a lot. They both had blonde hair and unique eye-colors which made me hate them even more. I believed that they were just playing with my sisters because my sisters were Asians and they were 'different'. But right before one of my sisters got engaged with her boyfriend, there was a huge and serious event that made it very clear that he was in love with her and he would be faithful to her. So I had no problem letting her go after that, and I grew very confident about my heritage too. Now I'm a college student with a lot of friends from a different race, but I still feel a little insecure around my friends. It really bothers me to hear that Asian girls are more likely to get cheated on. It seems to be possible, since I know a guy who prefers Asian girls but can't even tell them apart.
So guys, do you think that's true?
Why or why not?

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  • The whole 'yellow fever' thing is really blown out of proportion. Just becaus a guy finds one race or another slightly more physically appealing doesn't mean he likes them all equally. And just because a guy finds an Asian woman attractive, doesn't mean he has a weird ethnic-fetish.

    I would say the ratio is probably pretty much the same as any other race... Though I understand that cheating rates in parts of east asia are very high, due to cultural acceptance, so the statistic may be accurate for a very different reason than you expect.


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  • i think that's absurd u don't all look the same to me i went to high school that was full of asian's and i could tell who was who i think that's just a cop out for the fact that ur buddies or who ever can't commit to one girl and iv'e been cheated on in every relationship I've been in and a lot of my friends have been cheated on and they aren't Asian i wouldn't worry bout it 90% of guys these days are just jerks that are scared of commitment so yeah that's a girls opinion on the matter

  • It's kind of a stereotype you bought into. But it might apply to people who live in 'loose' cultures where people don't seem to be in favour of 'committed' relationships but uses sex as a recreational sport.


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  • You are weird.