I have abandonment issues, and I know the "I love you go away" hurts the people that I really want to be accepted by?

I have trouble understanding this from the perspective of my partners.

If you have a partner like this, can you honestly help me emphasize with how high maintenance it is to deal with this kind if insecurity?


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  • That insecurity is very high maintenance. In fact, it's one of those high maintenance things that would put me off dating someone, because, no matter what I do, I'd never beee able to fix the problem, because it's not my problem, it's theirs, and unless they get help for it, it will never work out.

    • I've got some trauma related stuff that I am in therapy for at the moment.

      So I can have at least enough self awareness to know that I lose my grounding; its been something really embarrassing that I'm hoping I'll eventually be able to grow out of. Adult tantrums are no fun for everybody involved.

      I just wonder if people had any first hand accounts to share, since I think that hearing other peoples stories will kinda help me get myself out of my own POV.

    • I was in your position, I didn't have relationships because I didn't want people dealing with my drama.

  • I have a disconnection to love. I have a hard time trusting and push people away with my drama. It's me protecting myself from getting hurt but I don't know how to stop it.. I always hear, "Just let me love you" but I honestly don't know how. It takes a strong person to deal with what I dish out. He chooses not to pay me any mind when I throw my fits. It actually helps because it shows me that it's not his problem, it's mine and I need to check myself.


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