Do I get him a Christmas present or not?

so i have been dating this guy about 6 months now we are not together in a relationship but i want to be with him but he's kinda keeping me at arms length which sucks because i am in love with him! but my question is because i don't know what to do do i get him a Christmas present or not? i want to get him one but then i don't wanna make him feel awkward or make him feel bad if he doesn't get me one and i don't know if he is getting me one or not and also what do i get him? he's into cars i know that much and he likes fashion and all that i remember him saying he hates cheap cologne so i was thinking maybe buying him a nice bottle of jimmy choo i love the smell of it but i don't know i'm confused help!


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  • You absolutely get him a Christmas gift. Regardless of the fact that men do now show it in most cases, we like people showing how they care just as much as the reverse. In fact, considering your current situation, a well thought out (ie: considerate) gift for Christmas could push that "dating" to the real deal and being together.

    Ditch all your preconceived thoughts about what to get and let me give you the best advice about men you will ever need to know in terms of gift buying for us. Buy him something that connects to a subject that wasn't too big of a deal but something you two discussed. It will show him you pay attention, thus care about what he has to say and you remember it which shows devotion. Trust me... that will be a winner in any mans book.

    • thats y i thought of the cologne because the day after i met him i rang him n he was on the train n i asked him how his train trip was going and he was like oh its fantastic love the smell of shitty cheap cologne lol so i thought about getting him jimmy choo which smells amazing id want to eat him alive if he wears it lol but also writing a cheeky note saying merry Christmas thought youd like this coz i know how much u hate the smell of cheap cologne or somthing like that

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    • even though i did try on Tuesday he turned me on somthing shocking but he sed no cause he was happy just making out with me cuddling n talking

    • Hmmm... very weird for a guy to turn down bringing the cock thunder on a willing girl he is "cuddling" with. Very weird indeed...

      Regardless, I am too tired to even consider that implication right now but, suffice to say, that is rare.

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  • He's keeping you at arms length.
    I. E. he's not interested
    Therefore he won't get you a present.
    If you get him one, it'll make him feel awkward etc.

    Conclusion don't get him one.

    • well see thats the thing i want to get him one n i think he is interested he just doesn't know what he wants i kinda made a break through with him the other day he was badly hurt in a previous relationship so i just have to keep at him n get him to trust me n im always thinking about him and i wanna show that to him thats kinda y i want to get him a present

  • Just something small will do