Advice needed bf trouble?

Hi I'm18 im with dis guy I've been with him 2 years and 4 months and I've been getting abuse off his family for the last 2 years because I'm not Irish I shouldn't be with him he deserves better they say I really like this guy but I'm sick of the crap he sticks up for me when they say stuff but its his mom at the end of the day I don't no what to do Im afraid she's going to end me and him I need advice

Thank you creative hairdresser :)


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  • What's your ethnicity?


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  • talk to her tell her u really love her son and that u want to be the girl he deserves and ask her what she wants u to do because u can't change where u were born but in all honesty i had trouble with my ex bfs mum and my sister has trouble with her bfs mum and she's been with her bf 12 years and they are about to buy a house and i ended it wiv my ex because he was a douche but all i can say is not worry most mothers are protective of their little boys have u ever seen every body loves raymond? and seen how maree treats Deborah raymond's wife its a classic example no 1 is ever really good enough for their little boy but at the end of the day its up to ur bf and if he loves you his mum won't get in the way because he won't let her so i wouldn't worry about it

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