Confused about my bf and ex bf who to believe?

My ex bf broke up w me via text message I was hurt but didn't reply anything and when I saw him at work I ignored him as much As I could he didn't seem care he says hi to me even talks some jokes when he's around me. When I kept ignore him he was getting crazy wanted to talk to me and tried to say why he broke up w me. But I was already so hurt and dissapointed about the breaking up via text. He was up and down few times over few months it was hard to handle but anyways then there was a new guy came to work and he was very gentle and nice. We started to hanging out most likely he tried to hang. My ex was worried if we were dating and I said nope I had no interested in him. Evrytime I m around that dude my ex seemed a bit annoyed. but then new guy was telling me my ex's behaviour to him. my ex is his supervisor and he treated him so bad just because him and I started dating secretly. I don't know how my ex finds out about us but we were keep saying that we weren't dating (I just didn't feel like going public after my ex asked me to let him know if I dated anyone he knows) I started hate my ex cause my bf said how jerk he was to my new bf. I deeply feel for this new guy he was so understanding even tried to be nice to my jerky ex but then one day I found out my new bf isn't who I thought he was.. He lied to me about my ex's behaviour which my ex was actually nice to my bf and told him he wouldn't mind if we were dating but since we work in same small office let him know before anyone knows so he could move on. I also found out my current bf manipulated other peeps to believe him but he lies all the time told peeps how jerk my ex was but my ex was the one who's been manipulated by my bf. I feel horrible now I can't believe my ex used my ex situations to get me on his side and made me turn around from my ex.. I had few fight w my ex cause I thought he was pathetic I thought he was just jealous cause I and my bf were happy together I had no idea my bf is the big fat lier

the question is should I try to talk to my ex and apologies about what I said to him since my ex was just being manipulated by my bf. I think my bf has insecurity issue other wise he wouldn't use the situations to get me cause I remember he was so wondering about me and my ex's status. By that time my ex and I were started to hang out again after understanding of break up we were started to try again but taking slowly. I love my bf but feel bad for my ex maybe I love the idea of being loved?


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  • tell me if I'm wrong but

    long story short.

    Your boyfriend broke up with you via phone (lets call him A).
    Then you met new guy (lets call him B)
    You and B started to "secretly" date.
    B lied to you that A was jerk to him and you didn't like it.
    B's lie came out and now you don't know what to do.

    Now you ask, should you apologies yourself to A or not. but, what did you do to him that you should apologies to him?

    Am I missing something?

    • Well I told him to back off to my current bf and I was being rude and ignored him even when we had to work together I never spoke to him but only cared of my new guy I didn't care if my ex were getting mad at us or not I kinda feel good about seeing my ex didn't look so happy about me and my new guy. I took my bf's side every time when something comes up when my ex asked me to do something for work I never did and especially in front of my new bf i tote ignored him and look down my ex. I thought that's all could do for my new guy cause I thought that's what my ex was doing to my new bf.. My ex tried to explain few times I never answered or made time to talk to him eventually he gave up and he quit job cause I was protecting my bf way too much even at work and that pissed him off I guess. He texted me about what really happened and explained about all the rumours my bf made up about my bf. I texted him back I said fuck off I don't care about the truth never ever call me again

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