What are some of the sexiest sexting tips you have?

I'm in a long distance relationship but I still want to sexually satisfy my guy as much as I can. What are some super sexy things I can text him/send him/videos, etc? I want to satisfy him and i'm also very open sexually if it makes him happy


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  • He may not tell you it, but making him wait for the goods will drive him crazy. Show him one piece of your body at a time. Slowly give him what he wants. Try to raise his value of your nudes, the harder he has to work for them the more he will appreciate it. (Of course don't over-do it...)

    Maybe send a clothed butt pic, dance for him etc. Another day send a boob pic. etc.

    Just keep in mind, visual stimulation is the best way to arouse a male.

  • I heard that in sex girls are satisfied from ear and guys from eyes...
    if you can send him a video... do it then!!!:)


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