Perils of giving out digits too soon?

So, usually girls my age are extremely cautious about where they meet on a first date, how much information they share initially and how soon they share phone numbers. Lately younger girls have been interested and are more comfortable giving out their number right away voluntarily. If we've met in person, I get it - awesome (child of the '80's). If not - say it's from an online dating site and we've never met in person, is there a down side to texting her?


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  • Anyone who isn't willing to reveal their number is unlikely to be a good prospect, imao. You have to take a LITTLE risk... and how the heck else are you going to get to know each other, if you keep your number a secret?

    • LOL, good point. If we meet through an online site, I've gotten so use to people my age not revealing phone numbers until after the first or second face to face.

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    • thanks for the MH!

    • thanks for the MH.. Good luck!

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  • some guys can be thirsty af. I forgot I had my phone # linked to my facebook. so I added some guy and he kept calling me. in my case i didn't really give him my number but since it was visible to him and he is thirsty as fuck and probably a creep he kept calling me. well he really only called me 3 times, but that's 3 times too many for someone you have never spoken to

    also some guys can use your number as "proof" that they are fucking you. they can brag about hitting it even if they didn't

    some guys are creepy and will call and text you all the time till u have to block them

    • Ah yes, I don't mind about most if that, but the constant unwanted calling is a concern.

  • My suggestion is that if you do begin texting someone whom you have not met in person, that you need to keep the conversation light. I'm sure I don't need to say the obvious, like ask for nudes or suggest sexting, it sounds like you know that already. The downside to texting is, well, it's texting; you don't always know exactly what someone is feeling when reading a text, since responses can be generic and lack tone that could suggest boredom, sarcasm, or insecurity. So, text for a while and perhaps suggest a phone conversation, so you can better feel out this person.

    • Oh, it's moderately reasonable reasonable request - they'd rather text to coordinate than to back online, but you have some good points. Thank you.

    • You're welcome.

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  • I've heard most girls my age nowadays will give out their number pretty freely because there's no downside. Most dudes text instead of call, and it's ridiculously easy to ignore/delete texts so they never feel pressured. Even calls you can just let ringgg, not have a voicemail box set up and be home free. It's actually kind of ridiculous. You have only reasonable suspicion if someone is ignoring you or if you legit have the wrong number.

    A lot different than the old days where you gave out your home number, which could be cross-referenced in the phone book to get your address (eventually), which invited stalkers and the like.

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