What should my friend do in this situation? Flirting with coworker who has a kid and a girlfriend?

One of my friends, who's single, has this coworker who flirts with her a lot. A bit of sexual tension, touching, but also serious talking, having fun, talking about important things, ... when she's around he's more open than when he's by himself or with other coworkers.
Now, he isn't married but he has a kid and a girlfriend. He told my friend he's not happy with his girlfriend, not at all, and I do think if he was happy with her, he wouldn't act like that towards my friend.
Now she's totally confused, ofcourse. He's not like that with others, only with her.
So my question is: what would you do in this situation? Sorry for lack of details but that's all I know myself.

  • Don't do anything and just leave the situation like it is
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  • Talk to him about it, ask him what's the deal with the flirting
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  • Something else (add answer in comment)
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  • I think it has to be B. Very important is: are there feelings involved and is he planning to leave his girl?
    If they (= your friend and collegue) really like each other and he is 100% certain that she's the one and not his present girlfriend...
    ... then her choice will be: is the kid a hurdle to her? Or does she love him enough to face that challenge, including the worries it will sometimes cause.
    What I would advise her, independant of all other things, is to make his present relationship his own problem, that he has to deal with. Otherwise she'll be in the middle of a ball game.
    Difficult situation but I hope my opinion sounds logical... did my best.


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