What do you get a guy and his two kids that you just started seeing for Christmas?

I've only known this guy about 1/2 a year. We are really into eachother and started dating about a week ago. He has two girls one is 8 and lives with him and his mom and the other is 1 and she lives with her mom and he only just got to start seeing her around Halloween. what do i get him for Christmas? Also should i get something for the girls and if so one or both of them? I have a little girl of my own who is 6 1/2 so its not like i wouldn't know what to get them i just dont know if i should.


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  • I don't know about getting the kids anything, yet. Sounds like there's a lot of mama drama if he hasn't seen his 1 year old for a whie.

    Get him something... maybe around $50.

    • Do you think he would be offended if I didn't get the girls anything? i only ask because we both came into the relationship knowing it wouldn't be just about us but also about our kids.

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    • music and his base guitar is broken. he really wants to have it fixed so he can play it again. i was told that if it is the fretboard (cant really remember what he said) then it could cost anywhere from 100 and up depending on how bad it is. So... i think that would be really nice but im just not sure how to make this happen without making it obvious.

    • Maybe a gift card to the music store that could repair it?

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  • I don't think it's a good idea to get him a present


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  • I would suggest getting a couple of boxes of chocolates or cookies. That to me is a friendly gift that shows you are thoughtful but not coming on too strong. You can say something like "These chocolates/cookies are for everyone to enjoy," so he can decide if he wants to share with his children or not. Sounds like you two aren't in an official relationship yet, so this is a casual gift.

    • we became official a few days ago... so does that change your answer?

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