Girls: Would you deem this guy (me) interesting enough to talk to?

I've been working on rasing my elf-esteem (i have some self esteem and self critism problems) and although people online arn't always gonna compared to talking to people in person, it's a good way of reaching a lot of people

So i've graduated uni and i'm working at recruitment software company in the IT department (yes i know geek alert :p) In my spare time i like to play guitar (play it casually right now), playing computer games (currently into SMITE), and hoping to continue learning to horse ride and salsa dance

Now just based of that small bit of info, would you girls deem me interesting enough to talk to; not to date, not to sleep with, just to talk to (Talking does lead to more things, but have to crawl before i can run)


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  • You sound very interesting ! I play the guitar as well (:

    • Oooh, what kind, electric or acoustic?

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    • Well I sing as well.. The the acoustic just works out a little better for me.. lol (:

    • Forgot to add that i also sing, thats more of a hobby though as i've never had any lessons, my voice suits things like Bowie, Johnny Cash, Elvis and Pink Floyd

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  • Yea of course I love making new friends

  • yeah, thats pretty cool :)


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