What do you expect in a friends with benefits relationship?

Do you want to see the person whenever you want? Do you think that the other person (whoever your talking to) should keep in contact daily. Do you expect the other person to want to hangout with you after sex? What do you want/expect? Boys and girls

  • Daily Communication
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  • Just Sex & NOTHING more
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  • quality time together occasionally
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  • Something else
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  • You should only EXPECT sex. Don't get into a friends with benefits relationship if you expect anything else.

    You usually get quality time together (playing video games, watching movies, etc) and sex, but it's not exactly a major part of the deal.

    Kinda like how you should only expect your parent to keep you alive nothing else, but you usually get some guidance and education along with the deal of having a parent.


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  • friends with benefits is stupid.

  • Sex has high priority in friends with benefit relationship

  • Blow jobs, rim jobs and sex with a healthy dose of face sitting.

  • Basically sex and some quality time together


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