Have you ever dated a guy with depression?

Hi! End of August, I met a really great guy. We understood each other real quick, he was different from the guys I dated before. We only had a few dates then had to go on holiday for two weeks. And I should have seen the signs. He was already super worried, cause I didn't text him everyday and stuff like that. But to me we were not together at this point. Then when I came back we started seeing each other each week, but I knew something was a little bit different. Couldn't tell what it was. Then he told me he 's been in depression for more than three years, and that he started to get his life back together, with a real job, getting exercise, etc... He was off his meds for the first time when we met but he had to go back on them and now things are becoming super intense. Sometimes it's fantastic, but most times, now, we argue. He can be super jealous, or passive-agressive, or he even told me that sometimes he fell like he was "less" than me. We've only been dating for two months or so, and I do like him, but I wonder if this could ever be like it was at the beginning when he was more like "himself". I don't know. Depression is scary. Have you ever experienced it? Or had a partner having it? Thank you.


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  • I'm totally disabled because of depression. Its nothing he can control and there is no "just snap out or get over it." If we could do that believe me we would. Depression is potentially deadly and should be taken serious. There will be days when he's fine. There will also be days when he's not. All you can do is tell him you're there for him. Make sure he takes his meds and do what ever you can to get him physically active

    • Are you dating someone or been dating someone? How did you manage a relationship? Also, did you hear of neurofeedback?

    • I just got out of a relationship that lasted two years. I tell my potential mates the truth about my moods. Most seem understanding and do handle it pretty well some better than others. I have not heard of neurofeedback. I have been told shock therapy might be helpful but I refuse to do that. It sounds to me like the horrors of the Thirty's that you can shock someone to cure them

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