My confusing relationship?

I was dating a guy that got deployed back in Jan but then all of sudden he was just acting shady and I love this man so I stuck around and I kept trying to fix things , but I found out that he was cheating on me... But it wasn't what most men call cheating they just stayed on the phone for hours and skyped for a while. While he was deployed, which seemed hard to believe at first because there was nights he told me he was gonna call but never did and if you have ever been w someone in the military, that's a scary feeling.. So then I broke it off and we dated for a year&two months before his deployment ended i needed to break up w him because i didn't feel loved Well last month came, I got a message from him saying he wants to come by, he didn't ask to come in, and we stood out there for a good hr just talking about things and he said that he promised he wouldn't screw up this time and I had that feelin that he wouldn't.. I don't know why he seemed like a changed person. So that day was over, he texted me and was acting the same, he was being a sweetheart and everything then the next day he was acting weird on and off acting just weird. He asked to see me 4 days later. So I ended up going on base with him and when I say this was a perfect time, I mean it.. We laid down and cuddled talked about everything, watched the notebook , he is so perfect in every in every single way, and I was so confused because I didn't know why he acted so different in person then over text. When I went over there about 4 days ago , it was different like it was sweet but I told him that I was tired of feeling like another girl , and I don't like this feeling cause this feeling I had last time and he got upset saying he wouldn't do it again and that little argument was over and he was driving me home and he let me drive some of the way keep in mind he has a bmw lmfao I was totally shocked. but he acted the same afterwards, I just need advice what to do..

Wow okay I'm 17 lol I didn't know that it would say that


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  • I can't say anything definite, but maybe this is not the relationship for you and maybe you are projecting things onto this guy that aren't there. Clearly, though, you don't sound happy; you are uncertain where you stand with him and the dynamics you describe do not suggest that this situation will change soon. As well, he is a military person with all the uncertainties which that implies. You do not appear to be blinded by the kind of infatuation here which negates your misgivings and compels you to overlook his faults--so good for that! Have you considered reclassifying this relationship as friends-with-benefits and allowing yourself to date others? Of course, your main goal should not be serving love for the sake of love but serving your own best interests, if I might suggest such.

    • This was the best advice I have gotten so far and this actually helped me understand a little more. Thank you!

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