Is it ok to tell a girl that your not doing good?

Known her two years she sees me as a tough strong alpha male guy which I like to consider myself as to. I'm going through some military training right now and I can't see her. I feel damn lonely and just mentally exhuasted. Feel like I'm going crazy but I'm just pushing through it. Would she see me as weaker if I told her the truth on how I'm feeling tell her I miss her a lot.

We are moving out together after my training.


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  • Oh my gosh you MUST tell her! You MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST tell her! Your girlfriend more than likely desires to help you out if she truly loves you. If a guy I loved told me he's exhausted I would definitely coddle him lol I would cuddle him and tell him it's alright and not to give up.

    Not only should you tell HER but you should tell your comrades in the military or friends what you are going through (if they are an ahole and treat you wrong for doing so find somebody who cares and will listen to you).. People cannot hold mental frustrations inside because it will tear you up you need to vent and let it out.. Seek counseling, tell a friend, and PLEASE I beg of you for the love of God tell your girlfriend, family, and people who care for you..

    YOU NEED A SUPPORT SYSTEM like everyone else

    Also I suggest going to church, talkign to a minister or praying if you are religious it helps


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  • She will love you even more if you open up to her. That kind of training does seem mentally brutal so who wouldn't feel that way? A person who shows his emotions is strong because he's strong enough to admit it. So it's definitely okay to tell her : )

  • Of course it's ok! She will appreciate it, everyone likes being told they are missed, just because you like to be tough and strong doesn't mean you should hold in your feelings all the time. No way would she see you as weaker


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