I'm stuck dealing with a huge love triangle (not even a triangle, this shit is all over the place) PLEASE HELP:

Guy #1, Guy #2, Girl #1, Girl #2, Girl #3, and Me

Girl #1 has a boyfriend
Guy #1 & Guy #2 both like Girl #1
Girl #2 likes Guy #1
Girl #3 and I like Guy #2
Guy #2 likes Girl #3 as well

... does that make any sense?
I'm the only one out of us who knows about ALL this and the people listed are all my friends, I'm so confused on what to do, and honestly all this is getting me super depressed about my love life and just life in general.
PLEASE someone - anyone - help me!!!

Thanks to everyone who answers


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  • Girl 1 should put guy 1 and 2 in place since she's taken. Girl 2 could get with guy 1. Guy 2 and girl 3 can get together. You can find a guy 3 so everyone can be happy.

  • You forgot to add 2 more guys. That's how you solve them :)

    • Lol this put a smile on my faceđź’•

    • :P it's still not too late to find 2 more guys :P

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