I like my bestfriend's older brother, and he's sending mixed signals. What do I do?

He's two years older, a senior in high school. I'm a sophomore and in our school it's not uncommon for people to date in different grades. His sister has been my best friend since the 4th grade. But he sends me mixed messages. One day he could be really open and friendly, laughing and talking with me, the next day he'll just act really awkward and it feels uncomfortable. I like him a lot, and I've tried to get over it, but I can't shake it. Time is running out to when he graduates and I'm confused on what to do? I've only liked one other person the way I like this guy, but I don't know how my friend will react if I tell her that I like her brother. Please help me.


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  • If she's any kind of true friend, she will understand. You can't help the way you feel about someone. He's not her boyfriend or an ex, this isn't her dad or uncle or even her boss. It's her brother. This likely is not the first time a friend has crushed on him, and I can promise you this-it won't be the last.

    Now you're younger, and that always makes a difference, especially regarding these matters, but if you and her brother feel the same way about each other, hopefully she will support the idea because it's harmless and it would make you both happy. If he's into you that is.


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