Do you think this girl will be interested in dating?

So I met this girl at the beginning of the school year at first we barely talked and knew each other but then we got to talk more and I make her laugh a lot and we have been talking for a bit. So today we were doing the same thing talking laughing and exchanging smiles but something different happened one of my friends did this cheap romance joke and that got the ball rolling she started asking me who I liked? Of course I liked her but I was really nervous to tell her that so she basically nags me for a bit while I try to play it off cool then eventually I told her and she said "wow you are leaving me speechless" and I said " im sry" cuz I thought she thought I was really ugly and stuff lol but she said no I like you too and I said well I dont want to rush it and I want to get to know u more and she said yea me too then we both hugged for the first time ever and now we have a 4 day weekend to look forward to. So what do u think do you think she is still gonna be interested in dating me or no?


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  • This is my kind of story, but yet this never happens. You're lucky haha. But yes I'm sure once you felt ready im pretty sure she would say yes.