Is she waiting for me to ask? please stay respectfull, no one is perfect?

Me and Her aren't in a relationship, but i love this girl to death. Whenever we are together, she always tells me she likes me, more then once. We are very intimate and to complicate things, she is carying a little wonder inside that's mine. She tells me several things, her overall behaviour is that of a confused person. When i text her, late in the evening, want me to come over, she will say no, and that she will need to sleep. I go to her place and text her, im at your door, if you open the door we can be together, or else i'l go home, then she opens the door. and she is happy to see me, whenever i tell her i will leave she tells me she doesn't want me to. but things get even more complicated, she already has a 7 yo daughter, and we dated before but in the meanwhile got into a long distance relationship , but i dont get the impression she really likes this guy. i dont know for sure if she doesn't want to have our wonder, she says she doesn't want to but at the same time, realizes she is pregnant and walks around with a smile, seems happier, but even more confused. end of November this other person is coming over, and well , her telling me more then once , she likes me a lot, her daughter is also beginning to accept me, which fills my heart with joy. She works hard and i respect her a lot, if she doesn't really like this other person, what should i do, i feel like i lose her, asking her to bind with me. but things have changed, at this moment she is the mother of our child, her kid likes me , is she waiting for me to ask her, to be in a relationship with me. I feel i have to ask her that question, or give her the opportunity to concider it. last time i told her, when you dont want our child, i ve lost 2 persons. you and our child, what reason do i have to stay here, im thinking about leaving she told me she doesn't want me to leave. is this her telling me, to ask her to be in a relationship with me?


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  • Yes, you should already be in a relationship officially. You seem to be already anyway.

    • well thats what you would expect if she is pregnant from me, yesterday i told her, its time to make a decission it would destroy me to see the mother of our child together with someone else she doesn't really love, yesterday she took the piece of paper i wrote and wrenched it, she was so mean to me. one moment she tells me, she doesn't want our child, its a problem, then she tells me she maybe wants it, 2 or 3 times yesterday evening, and asking me if my parents know, and that its her child and not mines, child will have a polish name, and my parents can't raise the child, it's hers, she completely destroys me, i dont know if its the hormones, it hurts me not knowing for sure if she will keep it or not and if she will adjust her lifestyle, in a good way, less smoking, etc no cafeine or lesser, i dont know why she acts so mean, and leaves me behind in confusion, a lot of guys would walk away, and here i am, offering mz support for our child and she is this mean to me :(:(

    • Sorry to hear that! :( WHy do you love this girl so much? Does she normally treat you like this? I hate to say it but she is not acting like a woman in love. You can wait it out and be miserable or give her an ultimatum. Shape up or ship out! Seriously you need to know where you stand with her. It could be hormones but it could also just be that she is a bitch. Again, why do you love her?

    • it could be her hormones, but she texted me early in the morning that she was sorry,

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  • Yes I'd recomend going for it. The more you overthink it the harder it's gonna get to decide, and the longer you wait the worse it's gonna get.

    • thanks its better, i think she is waiting for me to do so... i should be a men ,

    • And a man you will be. Glad to help.

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