So confused and can't sleep thinking about this girl?

So it's a long story but tonight me and this girl went out for the night to this field under the moonlight and stars. We were snuggling and getting really close and laying right next to each other and she kept staring into my eyes. I think she wanted me to kiss her but get this... She HAS A BOYFRIEND... So I just didn't feel right and didn't kiss her because of this fact... And I told her that look I love our relationship and want to hug and kiss you but you have a boyfriend and I just feel weird/bad about it ya know? And she was like oh I didn't bring you here to cheat on my boyfriend and I didn't mean to lead you on... So I was like ok well what were we doing all night? And I've been up all night thinking about her and even had a nightmare that she left me as even a friend and I can't have that! I feel really stressed about this the whole night and I can't even sleep... I regret not kissing her but honestly I just didn't think it was right... I'm sorry for this I just feel very destroyed on the inside and stressed and don't know what else to do...

Do you think I should've just kissed her anyways and been like screw it? Or did I honestly do the right thing? I feel so messed up about this I can't even...


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  • I was in the same EXACT position. Not exactly the same setting but the whole staring into each other's eyes, her having a bf, etc. is what i went through. In the end she cut off all ties with me. and it wasn't until about a month after this happened that she finally revealed why she did. That she wasn't leaving her bf for me and that she didn't like me that way (which she did say she did in her bedroom while everyone was out of the house!). I had poured my heart and soul into trying to have a relationship with her. Was I guilty of almost wrecking a relationship? Yes. Did it feel good? yes. Did i feel guilty? Oh you betcha. But that immense feeling of having someone to chill with of the opposite gender is the best feeling in the world which I would never take for granted. So if anything learn from my story. Leave her as if she were the devil!! Nothing good will come of this i assure you!!!


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  • It's a good thing you didn't kiss her - you were honest about your feelings, and she basically said she wasn't leaving her boyfriend for you. I hope she doesn't stop being your friend, but your best bet would be to talk to her tell her that you're happy to be just friends with her


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  • Man chill you are like 1 billion other average guys who have a similar experience. And guess what? She sounds like a prick tease. There are plenty of other women out there; like 3.5 billion other women. Move on and get over it; don't lose sleep or stress over something so petty.