Getting really fed up of my bf always saying his ex is "fit"?

On my profile pic she's on the left and I'm on the right I know she's prettier than me and probably better at everything but I don't see why he has to keep saying in arguments that she's "fit" which means hot etc. Surely I'm not that bad? He calls me ugly and says I always do this really weird ugly face so I said to him this morning why can't you be cute like my ex and he went in a mood and went into bed and said I'm hiding my ugliness coz I hurt his feelings... I already feel really down aboutmy looks as I've never seen myself as pretty or whatever I've always seen myself as the ugly one, sometimes he will call me nice things and says he doesn't mean it when he gets nasty but I can't help but not think I will just never be good enough he says she has a better body and I have the body of 14 year old I'm assuming that's because she has average sized boobs and I have small breast it's not my fault I was born different :(


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  • He is treating you like a doormat, specialdiamond, not loving you Nor accepting You unconditionally. And with comparing you continuously with the skeleton who is Obviously still in his Open closet, it is not only rattling him with his remarks here, but Rattling your thoughts and broken heart as well. He is rude and crude and fights dirty to belittle you, bring up his boob blast from the past and many times he will do it Deliberately just to slam dunk you, my dolly, because he gets a Thrill Kill out of it... it's away to tear you down, self esteem and all. He has you brainwashed into believing you are 'Ugly' and feels this is his power over you to lay on the ground where he can continue to walk all over you... he loves the control he thinks he has here.
    He knows it is eating at you so no matter fight or not, he is putting Miss Goodie Two shoes on his problem child pattern Pedestal and making you the low man on his totem pole. It's disrespectful to you, a real slap in your face and with making you stand there with egg all over your face, he is living in the past Yet with a Ghost who probably doesn't give a cobweb about him anymore and he is probably just feeling resentment, some pent up anger and has Not totally moved on.
    No, you have nothing to worry about with your own looks, cookie. You are a sweet, lovely girl who is only at fault for being His Enabler and scapegoat to throw digs at and even Remind himself that you are just his Rebound Rebecca whom he can get his jollies off on tormenting... while in the back of the mind, he is 'Tormenting' Her as he looks at you.
    Sit him down and have a serious convo with this little pup. Tell him he is barking up the wrong tree and if he doesn't stop yapping at you about his Big bites and all, you will give him his walking papers and send him back to the past on your own gallon of gas.
    Please don't feel offended but... I see a little resemblance when I see you and her here together... my own outside opinion.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me my own outside opinion... Pick yourself up, hold your head high and never let any dog think he it is his own dogeatdog world.:)) xxoo

    • I really liked your opinion and I think you explained it really well I'm gonna have a talk with him and try tell him how much it hurts me and I feel maybe he does think I'm like her coz she cheated on him for 6 months and maybe he's taking it out on me but that's not who I am I want to take care of him but if he keeps doing it I can't do it anymore coz I already have other problems going on, thanks for your opinion

    • You are so welcome, sweetie.. yes, open lines of convo and show him who is straw boss here.. he SEES HER in YOU, I even see a small resemblance myself, no joking... he is getting back at her through you and it is unfair... something has to give or it is a beaten path and war of the roses... you certainly don't deserve this. xxoo

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  • Honestly, this guy does not sound like he deserves any of your attention. He doesn't appreciate you for who you are, how you look. Why are you even with the guy?

    I think I speak for most guys when I say that our girlfriends are the most beautiful women in the world to us.

    Good luck.

  • You are beautiful. I would not let his negitive crap weigh you down. Be confident many women wish they looked as good as you. You just need a man to love you and tell you that.

    • I know but it's really hard to leave him coz I don't have any friends or that nd not much family so I will practically be left with no one

    • Maybe you can look for another option. Find someone new. Make a few new friends then go so you have a support system?

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  • Why are you with this tosser?

    He has NO RESPECT NOR LOVE for you. He's emotionally abusing you and from what I can tell, trying to induce Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe he doesn't consciously realize it, but that's definitely what's happening.

    Why would you be with someone, who made you feel ugly and worthless? Hell, he's not just making you feel that way, he tells it TO YOUR FACE.

    If I were you, I'd tell him he is the ugliest most disgusting human being on the planet, told him you hoped he died of a tumour and then promptly dump his ass.

    Also, throw away his shit and burn his presents (if he gave you any).

    God, I want to kick this guy's teeth in so badly.

  • Just leave him, he's a dick. When he asks why you're leaving him, tell him you're letting him go back to his fit ex so you can find a boy who deserves you more.
    And no, you're not ugly by the way. He's just trying to purposely make you feel insecure because he's a cunt.

  • As I have been reading you I would suggest to loose the ropes and go away from him.

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