Why guys become so jerk when they find out I like them?

I `m an attractive girl but i think i`m doing something wrong because whenever i show a guy some interests to guys, they become such an ******* to me , they distance themselves from me to test how much i `m gonna put effort to have them , in most cases i just give up after several attempts , then they come forward being nice but then i`m not interested anymore after all when a guy is so mean at the beginning u don`t expect better later , i know it sounds weird but it happened to me like 100 times , any idea?


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  • Your age may have something to do with it. Once a girl is in her thirties, most guys assume you are trying to find just anyone to settle down with since your looks are fading and options are dwindling.

    Since you're single at that age, they assume you're single because you've been partying for years, so you've probably been with a bunch of men and they aren't sure if you are capable of loyalty, or if you weren't a party-goer, they assume it's just because you aren't desirable and they're trying to find out what other men thought was wrong with you.

    • i just became 30 and i don`t think my age has anything to do with their mean treatment , jerks are jerks

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  • Lol
    Actually its hard luck as its not in male nature its that they really were jerks.
    Some girls do the same. They fake their attitude and ultimately end up in pissing ff the guys.
    So this attitude is , in my humble opinion like self obsession or self centered mind's depiction. Or you can also call it insecurity like they feel insecure and thats why they kinda confirm that you will be with them despite their rudeness or something like that.
    But you should definitely avoid such guys.

  • I feel the same way about women. They are one way early then they stop trying to be attractive and desirable. They want to wear frumpy clothes and talk feelings... where is the hot chick I started daiting. Where did that cool chick go? I think it's just perspective

  • How are they mean to you? Could you elaborate?

    • they treat me like inferior or the playing hard to get actually impossible to get that i feel i `m the only one who cares and it`s so frustrating because who wants a one sided interest, i give up and almost all the time they reappear being nicer usually i`m not interested any more but once i forgave the guy and basically he did the same jerky stuff to me again (like ignoring, not answering my message )

    • Well I guess some guys want a challenge and if you take it away they aren't as interested?

      Honestly it doesn't make sense to me either. I don't play games like that :P

  • Some guys enjoy the mind games. I don't, life is too short to be like that with people.


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