So this French girl meets me online and likes me. I get her personal email. I am in Australia and doubt I will ever meet her. Do I continue?

... the site is adult friend finder. she is a hot babe and I probably would get some fun mail. But I am after the real thing, not online... what to do?


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  • Go for it, Scrambled, Never say Never... a man from Egypt found me 3 years ago on FB and we ended up tying the knot over in his country. However, it isn't always easy, especially LDR, for it take two to tango and Two to make the effort or the relationship can go dead in the water like a drowning duck.
    Open lines of convo and Skype can be your best friend when meeting someone online. Take it slow, nurture and nurse what you have found with your Hottie and make an attempt to make all your dreams come true, my friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • That's a very cool story on your part. My friend said she went to Egypt and some of the men there are very charming. She did crush on the one guy. Me personally though, I am looking for fun, not anything serious. My dilemma is... she seems pretty serious from the get go and I don't know how to keep it fun at first without hurting her in the event she thinks its serious. That's why I went to adult friend finder...

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    • Thank you for sharing that interesting story.

    • Oh, you are so welcome... yes, quite an experience... just think if I had chosen to actually live over there..:)) xx

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  • why can't you say no? cos she is hot looking? ... you're gullible.

    • Gullible? Elaborate...

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    • lots of she males out there needing lovin from a straight male. :p

    • You know what single guys actually get the most. Some hot girl comes on very strong. Says she wants to do the most insane shit with you (I am not that gullible). So out of curiosity... I follow it. They lead you to other web sites where you can see their true profile and get it on. But obviously you have to pay full membership;) So yeah... just told them to piss off.

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  • Why you doubt you will ever meet her? Just ask her to meet her... France is a great country so why not go there?

    • Thanks man, 2 things. 1) I am just having fun, nothing serious, so I think it may be best to cut it and go for someone close to me. 2) I am South African. To get to France is a mission and expensive in the event I wanted to go. You more likely to get through an airport with a grenade wrapped in "i hate America" tags than get through with a South African identity card.