Is he too old?

I'm 24-years-old . He's 42 .

I met a guy a few months ago . We both love the country, have similar morals and goals in life, and we get along great (for the most part) . I have so much fun hanging out with him . We've recently become country dance partners .

The only hesitation I have about dating him is that he is 42-years-old . Before I knew his age, things were great . He assumed that I was older than I was and I assumed that he was younger . But now that we know the facts, I'm not sure if we should date or not .

What do you think ?


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  • As long as he is in decent health, there's nothing wrong with it!. And 18 years difference really isn't very much anyway. Just have a good time with him! Sounds like you have a good one.


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  • If you like him and you feel ok around him go ahead age really isn't nothing but a number my sister is 21 going with a 38 yr old she loves him and I guess he does to but if you do like him go for it