Please help me with advice... I really need some on this! Boys are so confusing sometimes, ugh!

there's this guys and he was texting me last night and suddenly he asked "do you want to be mine?" and i said yeah and he said "you have to try really hard" and all that and so i asked him what we are and what it means and he goes "we're just talking" what the HECK? WE'VE BEEN JUST TALKING SINCE MARCH! I'm not kidding! we met in march and started talking and just now we're "talking"? does that mean I have to wait 7 more months before he asks me to be his girlfriend? He's a year older than me and he's a guy that gets sexual with me and asks what dirty stuff i think about him and stuff but what should i do? I obviously have huge feelings for him and stuff but i don't understand how i'll let him go without hurting him and myself.


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  • I've seen this happen a lot on here. My first advice is always to just drop the dating scene until you are mature enough and until you have your life together. This means done highschool and university or having your career off the ground. This is the best possible advice I can give you, the chances of you following it is close to 0 so I will offer the next best advice.

    This guy does not know what he wants, you are confused because you think he would since he is the guy and he is older and what ever other reason. But he doesn't, this is just a testament to my first advice; you are both too immature for a real relationship, but I digress... In these situations, you need to make up YOUR mind and you tell him what YOU want, don't fucking ask him, he has no clue and will give you vague answers or try to change the conversation until you go crazy. You TELL him what YOU want and this forces him to think about it and make a decision. If this seems odd or too hard it again just shows how unprepared you are for a real relationship. Stick to school and creating your future, then work on finding a boy.

    • This was actually really helpful, thank you. I've noticed that he is quite immature and I need to stick with my family, school, and friends. I'm insecure and need to get my life in order for one. I've never really said how I felt so it'll be hard, but thank you. I just don't know what to tell him haha

    • Honesty is the best policy. Don't sacrifice communication in order to come off in a certain way, that is how intentions get muddled and people get confused or hurt.

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  • I avoid playing games it's too much of a hassle. He's pretty immature in this case. Be straight up with him.

    • Okay, what should I say? He's hurt me plenty of times and I just can't get away and it sucks and I have a thing for feeling bad for people and getting together with them again after they're hurt.. I don't want to come across as a bit**!

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    • Okay, thank you. But what should I say to him?

    • It seems like he just wants you for sex and doesn't want to be in a real with you, so I would find a new guy. You need to be in charge not him.

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  • Seriously, I've had this happen to me before. And my conclusion is that he isn't ready to call you his girlfriend, and I don't know about you, but thats a big turn off for me. If he doesn't wanna claim you, then its clear that he doesn't know what he wants.

    I suggest you stay quite and just cut from him slowly. If he isn't interested, he won't even notice. Don't just cut him off cuz thats hard and you obviously have feelings for him. Just do it little by little and he will slowly go away without anyone getting hurt. I tried this and he just left me and it was good for me cuz I realized that I deserved better, and you do too!