Guy acts really strange?

I've been seeing this guy for the past 3 months who just stares in my eyes every time I pass by him. His eyes are so soft and I love seeing him. The problem is that he never talk to me, so I decided to go up to hi and ask him for his name. But since then he's very hesitant to look. He'll look but sort of steal looks. Like he's afraid to look at me directly. It's really embarrassing for me to watch him do that. So don't try to be in his way because I don't want him to be uncomfortable by my presence. Last week we accidentally happened to wAlk by each other and as soon as he spotted me he said "oh shit" and I felt very bad. So I kinda gave him space. But when he passed by me he said good morning so I said hey. I don't know what he wants or if he even wants anything at all. I really like him and it's hard for me to get him out of my mind.


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  • He's shy and is interested in you

  • He's shy and nervous. He likes you though, obviously

    • I sent him a message on face book and he shows that he hasn't read my message. Yet he's always checking in. So what's that about? I don't approach him again because I don't want to appear clingy or a neusince.

    • I think he got embarrassed for looking at you or some reason and is kind of shying away from you. Maybe give him some time until you approach him again,

      & don't look intimidating! -all guys in the world

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