Off to a slow start on dating website and not sure if I'm doing things wrong?

so I'm giving online dating a try but off to a really slow and bad start , sent out a bunch of messages to various singles yesterday and didn't get a single reply or any expression of interest. some did look at my profile is all I know for sure. so I'm not sure if the message I sent to them was no good or if profile they didn't like something on it or if they lived too far away or what the issue was or reason for no replies

anyways any thoughs or advice on this? should I review the message I was sending them and try and put together something better? is profile or pictures possibly no good?


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  • You should show us both or at least just the message you sent out.

    • hi I'm Ryan and from ----- , saw your profile and you sounded interesting , not one to write a long letter and tried to describe myself in profile , open to answering any questions you might have and maybe we could chat at some point

      that is part of the message I sent out , just took out town name , maybe it was too boring in nature and question part unnecessary

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    • i think the problem is the nature of online dating , a guy could spend 20 minutes writing a message to a girl he likes and she'd just spend 30 seconds looking at it and delete it more than likely cause the more desirable girls get so many messages. so I think a lot of guys send copy and paste or the same messages cause its easier and they know most of these messages aren't going anywhere anyways.

    • I know that's why guys do it, but nobody wants to get the same exact thing as 50 before them and 50 after them. If it looks copy and pasted, you'll just get less back.
      Women do get too many messages on those things, but 30% of them are blatant scammers or trying to get a woman to marry so he can stay in her country, 20% are just pervs from the first messages anyway so won't get a reply, like 40% send blatant copy and pastes so you'll only reply on a slow day, and then the odd guy here and there sends something different.
      So yea women get alot, but lots of them are crappy guys so they don't count. But either way, it pays off if your message looks more like you singled her out to message out of other girls instead of looking like everybody got that message.

      Just mention something obvious if you want even. Like women always say "I'm such a nice person... till you mess with me haha" so say "you're pretty, look like nice person but still can't be messed with" just make it sound good

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  • Lets see the message and pix.

    If you post them PM me if you want my comments.

    • the message I sent out was really short , more just trying to get there attention and get them to look at my profile in hopes they reply back and then we get some conversation going , a lot looked at the profile but they didn't reply back at all

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