Texting before the day of the date?

I dont usually confirm friend requests over Facebook but he's a good friend of my friend and he seemed interesting so I accepted the request and have been talking over text for almost a week. I've never talked to someone considerably plder then me. he's 31 and im 23 but we share the same beliefs over all the important aspects of both relationships and life and he even writes me huge paragraphs which is awesome. were planning to meet up in person over frozen yogurt on tuesday, and he even asked me on a date to go to a hockey game with him, im super excited but im also really nervous. I really like this guy and everything he seems to stand for, he's everything I want and deserve and now that I've found a guy I could potentially really want to be with and even though he feels the same im nervous.

Anyways i haven't met him yet and our date is on Tuesday but until then our main communication is through text and thats slowed a bit since we established the date plus our work schedules are really different. I've also been hurt in the past so I dont want to annoy him, im just being careful.
my really stupid question is, is it weird that our texting has slowed like he's just waiting to talk more in person to have more to talk about? I dont want to be a jerk and just not text him for 3 days till the day of our date. I dont know how older people do this. Lol

Sorry I feel like this is a dumb question but I dont wanna mess this up so im being cautious.


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  • Look, just a few more days. Don't overthink the fudging thing. Just play it by ear. I don't text. But I like to talk to my girl daily. Since he is older I hope he gives you some fantastic tongue work. Hopefully he know what he is doing. If he does a pitiful job with the tongue, dump him, he may be a queer. Good luck!


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