Would you start dating someone before you met?

Like you've been talking for weeks and it's nonstop talking.
You like eachother.
You know you're gonna meet soon.
Would you date them before you met?

If you have done this before, tell your story!


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  • Depends on why I haven't met them yet. If it is because they live somewhat close but we are always busy, then I would definitely try and find time to see them before we started officially dating.

    But if we haven't met yet because of distance (like states, or even countries apart) than it would definitely depend on the situation.

    For example, a couple years ago I met this girl online who lived about 10 hours away from me. We really hit it off, and started texting/skyping everyday for about 2 months. However, the reason we stopped was because she ended up getting a boyfriend who lived in her town. But if she hadn't started dating someone else, I really don't think we would of taken that jump into the "dating" phase. Personally, I just really liked talking to her and having someone there for me, and I feel a big part of dating is having physical contact.

    But to answer your original question, I would have to say no, I wouldn't start dating someone before we met.


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  • If you're that type person, sure! What do you want to do?

  • How do you date someone without meeting up with them? I'm confused...


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