How long shoul wait for my bf to tell me how he feels?

I've been dating an amazing guy for the past 6months and I love our relationship besides the fact he doesn't tell me how he feels towards me. He says he wants to wait for when were both ready and he's a serious relationship type guy (his longest has been 5yrs) but I feel like that's just an excuse, weve been dating 6months shouldn't i deserve an idea? im 18 and have been in serious relationships despite my age also... I think he's amazing and I've fallen for him but whats a fair amount of time to give him? Nothing else is wrong but i feel it may become lost time in this relationship if its not going anywhere... im becoming insecure because he keeps breaking his promise to express how he feels what can i do?


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  • His actions should show he feels. Girls always look for verbal conformations of feelings but its what he does and how he treats you that actually matters. If you can feel the love when he looks at you holds you, when you kiss that's his way of letting you know. By verbally saying how he feels he opens up to you. It will take him time but he seems worth it. Good luck!


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