Red flags? Need fellow man advise?

Met this really pretty girl at work and we have been talking she told me she is single and told me she likes me but there are something's that concerns me and I'm debating on dropping her bc my gut is starting to tell me something is not right. Here is the list:

1) She has been divorced for a year but her and her ex husband are still "friends" and still hang out... When she moved to a new apartment I offered to help and she said no her ex husband was going to help.

2) Her friends seems to be mostly guys and her roommate is also a guy.

4). When I call she sends the call the vm instead of letting it ring into voicemail. (Hitting decline call)

5) When I text her she replies the next day early morning before work...

6) when I text her during the weekend she doesn't reply and Monday come she will tell me she never got a text from me.

7) she asked me to go to church with her and I say yes and make plans then she ignores me and at work she will ignore me for a few days then come back and act like nothing happened...

8) she had a kid. Not a big deal but she has used the kid as an excuse of not returning my text until the next morning...


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  • There are definitely some red flags where she disappears all weekend. I do mot understand why she can't talk to you on the weekend. Do you really want to try ands talk to someone that cannot make time for you in the beginning?


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  • You definitely should be concerned and move on because I don't think she is for you.

    • The signs are making me think she is seeing her ex or another guy right?

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    • I figured she is prob with her ex that's why she won't reply. When I ask her she talks like its nothing say they are friends and said that I would think he is cool. Umm no I think that's weird bc I don't even talk to my exs here I town unless it's business. I don't want to cause drama when I meet a new girl to date.

    • We cannot be 100% sure but yeah it seems like that. If you want to give her a shot you can ask her out on a date and see how she responds.

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  • I had a girlfriend that was 4) - 7), biggest mistake of my life. If you don't trust her, don't date her.