I can't get a single date?

I feel like I can't get one single date to save my life, and, normally it doesn't bother me, but I'm coming off of a panic attack right now, and I can't cut because I'm at home (in school I go to the bathroom and cut to keep myself calm). Nobody knows that I cut (my mother probably does (she knows I used to and noticed my new scars, but I said the cat did it). Since it's winter time, I can at least wear long sleeved clothing to hide the scars on my arm. What I want to know is, why can't I get a date? I'm not an ugly guy, if anything I've been said to be attractive, but, I still can't get one single date, and it's driving me off the deep end. I mean, I already have to accept I can't get into a good college, now it have to accept I can't get a date either. I started thinking about it because I was starting to remember the constant rejection from a friend of mine (it's never direct, but she always says she has something to do). I mean, is everyone lying to me, and I'm just fucking ugly? Honestly, I don't even know that many girls, and believe me, trying is pointless because most have boyfriends (the ones that don't always have something to do, apparently...). It doesn't really matter, any of this, I know girls hate guys that care about them, maybe I'm lucky that I'm stuck caring about someone who will never fucking love me, at least I know I won't ever give enough of a shit about any other girl to drive them away too fast. I don't even know what to do, my stress lately has amped up my cutting (I hadn't cut for a while until recently). Also, in case anyone is wondering, no, I'm not 18, I'm 17. Also, if anyone is wondering why I still care about this girl, honestly, unlike most people, she at least shows me compassion, I can't helping, and believe me, I deeply hate myself for loving my friend, I know it's wrong, okay?


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  • Wow, Look I can only give you my opinion considering my situation. I really liked this girl when I was 18. She even asked me to prom but I was friendzoned and didn't even really know it. Everyone found out and I was so embarrassed I just floated through the rest of school. I never cut myself but I did act out a lot and talked a lot of shit about the trashy idiot she chose to date instead. I still thought I loved her as much as a year later. I was really misguided. She was also really nice and still is a really nice person although I haven't even seen her in like 3 or 4 years.

    You're so young. Women will come. Just be patient and work on yourself. That you can't get a date at 17 doesn't make you weird, it makes you normal. Some people are lucky and find someone they can date in high school. Some people like my best friend marry that person and are still married today. Sometimes when discussing the string of failed relationships that have made up my 20's and told him "You're a lucky fucker, you know that?" I'm about to turn 30 and I'm convinced I'll never find someone I want to marry. Getting a date? That's easy now.

    Girls in high school are dumb. They date dumb guys and make decisions they almost universally regret. (and this is coming from my friends who are women aged 28-30)

    I know you don't think you can get into a good college but you can always go to a 2 years school for a semester or two and work hard and transfer to a better school. You can do it. And just as a cautionary, I've had friends who've cut. They'd tell you what I'm going to tell you. You need to seek help for that yesterday. One of my friends cut for years and he was fine but when his first real girlfriend cheated on him and moved out he very nearly bled out in the shower. You need to find another outlet to deal. I know you don't want to hear everything I've said but it's advice worth taking.

    • I'm getting help, but, it's not enough, so long as I can even remember this girl, help won't ever be enough. I know scientists are working on some miracle drug that can erase memories, but, it's not getting here fast enough.