Insisting on a girl !?

Hi everyone. I want your opinions please. One day at the university i had an eye contact with a gurl and after many times she smiled for me. I was to shy so i messaged her on her phone for 4 days but when she saw me at the university she thought that i am not serious with her and she blocked me. After i tried again and she was saying no for 4 times. She suddenly messaged me and we had chatted for two months==> i felt in love. we dated for the first time but at that day she said we are only friends. After too many arguements she asked me to stop talking with her and i thought that i could forget her but i couldn't. After two months i told her that i couldn't forget her and i am in a bad condition. But she said that she can't help me. Is it a good idea to talk to her again at the university and ask for another date?


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