Hey fellas. Do I take him for his word he is not ready to commit, or do I demand more?

When a man tells you upfront that he is not ready for a committed relationship, do you take him at his word that he is not ready for one, or do I set guidelines and require more from him? I don't want to demand more if he is not ready for that I would rather just let it happen if it's meant to happen. At some point he feels he is ready, shouldn't he say so especially since he stated when we wasn't? I know women that say you have to let him know this and set guidelines. But I feel if he wanted that be it with me or not, wouldn't he say so without me having to almost beg him for it? The men I know have always said exactly how they felt, what they wanted if they not ready, when they are ready. I have never had to demand commitment from a man. Give me some insight guys!!!


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  • I would take it as a word that he probably isn't ready for a relationship. I had an ex who was afraid to commit in a relationship. He probably has a hard time doing his part in a relationship or doesn't really know how a relationship is supposed to go. If he isn't ready he isn't ready you can't make him ready.

    • That's exactly what I said @AnayaWilliams. He said he's not ready, he's not ready. I'm not going to go out of my way showing you how great of a woman I am if you not ready for that type of commitment with me. I have people saying you didn't set the guidelines, I can't demand anything when that is not what he wants to give to me. He said before he has been out there so long he doesn't know how to go about settling down. But he didn't want that with me because he has is now committed to another female. So I know there is nothing more that I could do.

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    • Exactly A grown man should know what he wants and how to communicate. can't force any one to see your worth or be with you. if it's not genuine I don't want it. I'm on a break as well.