Really need help making a decision, or what you would do in my situation?

So I have been talking to this girl recently and have found some things out about her that she has told me.

1) sorta attractive, not exactly my type, but still good
2) good personality
3) enjoys video games
4) kinda geeky

1) she cuts herself
2) swears a lot
3) still not exactly the attractiveness that I like, but still ok as stated before
4) will get depressed easily
5) does not get along with her older sister at all

Both times she has been over she has spent the night, but we have only just gone to 3rd base and nothing more. When she was over, though not being the attractive girl that I like, I saw the cuts on her... It then hit me, "do I want to get involved in this?"

I like this girl's personality, but attractiveness I give her a 5, plus she cuts... I don't know what to do...

She also does not like to go out on dates. Just hang out all the time.

Me personally, want a girl I can be romantic with. She's not like that, and earlier she told me she probably does not want kids. I do...


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  • You might not be attracted to her but once you get attached both physically and emotionally you will see her differently

    • I'm not sure if I will ever see her completely attractive though. I would know instantly if I did, and I really don't that much.

  • Since she's depressed and cuts, someone in her life right now would probably make her feel a lot better. If you feel like you're not the right person I'd just slowly draw back from her. be honest and say you don't want to see/hang out with her anymore.

    • I know it would be, but I am not 100% attracted to her. Other than that, she is great. Besides the other things that I wish she was. I feel like she is not my type, but she really likes me and I feel like we have gone too far already...

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