Overly clingy boyfriend. I'm starting to get annoyed?

First let me say im sorta a independent person. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 7 weeks now. I feel like he's getting really clingy and annoying. He texts me all the time, wants to be around me all the time, and we always have to be touching when we are together. Now let me email something first. I'm a very committed dancer and am at the studio 2-3 hours everyday during the week and double that on weekends. I barely have time for school or to relax at home, and that's the way I like it. I love dance and would pick it over everything. So the first thing is on the weekends he wants to be together like Saturday and Sunday and I keep trying to explain that I don't have time but he just doesn't understand. He asks me every Friday what I'm doing on the weekend and I reply with dance and he gets pissed and doesn't text me for the rest of the night then goes and complains to my friends about how busy I am. We are also both in marching band and we sit together Ron the bus on the way to the football game and he always wants to hold my hand and have his arm around me and cuddle. in my opinion... the bus isn't for that... it's for talk to everyone and having a good time. I'm a social person who likes to talk to other people on the bus and he gets pissed when we don't cuddle... and at this point I'm so annoyed I don't give a crap. I'm gonna do what I want... he also always text me all the time... and like I said before I'm so busy with dance that I don't always respond and he get pissed. Then this week my cousin came home from the Marines and he found me at school at lunch and gave me a huge hug and I was so excited to see him... i mean why would I be. And my cousins attractive. .. and even though he's my cousin my boyfriend was still jealous and pissed. Am I overreacting? Like girls would this be annoying? Should I cut it off?

I think I'm gonna breakup with him tomorrow... ? Good idea? bad idea?
I broke up with him and I think it was a very good idea on my part


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  • Miss, I'm the same way with my wife. At least with the touching. Last week she told me she is 'touched out' and pushed me away. So I picked my balls up off the floor, I apologized and I layed off for a few days. Touching a girl produces pleasure chemicals in the brain as well as a hard-on and pre cum. So that is the payoff for the guy.

    You can tell him what the problem is. But, I think you need to move on. You need to find another guy that is less attentive, more secure and requires little affection. The guy you have is fine for some gals, but for your personality it is like mixing water with oil. Just try to let this guy down easy as it sounds like he really is into you.

    Even if he fixes the problem he will slip up and be back at it in a week or two. There is s saying... without effort water sinks to its lowest level. That is how it goes when we try to change our nature into something we are not. He is relaxed with you and is showing you his true nature. Anything different requires him to put on a false persona and is not authentic nature.

    Good luck!

    • That's what I was thinking... i just really don't want to hurt him. So i have to figure out a good way to tell him. Thanks!

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  • He's insecure so he sticks to you. If you explain you just need more space it won't work, even if you try it he'll end up bitter over not being in control. This spells doom for the relationship I'm afraid. But you're young and you'll get over it, so will he in time.

    • Yeah I've started making myself more distant from him and he thought I was depressed and didn't talk to me for a few days. I think im gonna end it. It's causing me more stress and pain then happiness. Thank you!

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    • You learn to spot when relationships aren't good for you, his problems will become your problems and you can't sacrifice your own happiness just coz somebody else can't let go. Dump him. Expect him to be angy, expect him to give you shit, but that's all he can do. Just think, you'll be free of all this soon! lol

    • Ok thanks lol

  • Talk to him about it, or walk. But don't leave him hangin' and without the ability to change. Just seems cruel.

    • I'm thinking I'm gonna walk. I'll tell him why though... i agree leaving without a reason seems cruel

    • Seems like you've already decided before the conversation. Hope things work out.

    • Yeah thanks

  • Bin him off. He sounds needy. Dance is your passion, if he doesn't understand that, he'll never understand you

  • If you don't like him, dump him.


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  • He sounds deeply insecure. You need to explain to him that he doesn't always have to text you or talk to you. Sometimes both of you need some time alone in order to breathe. Don't break up with him yet, give him another chance but explain to him that sometimes he makes you feel like you don't have freedom at all. If he doesn't understand and if the relationship causes you more pain than pleasure, then break up with him.

    • As of right now that's all the relationship is doing... it's giving me more pain and stress than happiness and I think I've waited too long to address it because I've been annoyed for a few weeks and I'm just so done.

    • Well, what if he has no idea what he's doing wrong? Maybe if you tried explaining it to him, then he would fix it?
      If you're feeling extremely annoyed, break up with him but at least tell him the reason.

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