Why would a guy keep doing this if you we're just seeing each other?

So me and my guy friend have been seeing each other for the last 4 months, before that we had a kind of friends with benefits relationship I guess starting back to August last year. So things have been going on for over a year now, our feelings have grown and we care a lot about one another.

Recently due to factors such as me coming off the pill and his friend dying we've both been emotional and have taken it out on each other. We started arguing a lot and he ended things, only then to message me 4 days after saying he missed me and wanted me back. He explained how he was just scared of getting hurt again (ex of 5 years cheated on him 3 years ago)

And how I'm the first girl in a really long time he actually likes so he just ends up pushing me away. We begin arguing a week on again & it ends we have the most heated argument ever. It was bad. Anyways 2 weeks on he messages me (day of his friends funeral) and tells me that he's sorry and how today has just made him realise what a knob he's been.

He then asked if we could go for drinks. I was talking to one of his best friends the night before about it and he said 'some people fight what they don't understand.' What does that mean? Also why would a guy keep going back to a girl he was only seeing?


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  • He could keep coming back for sex if you're still offering it to him for free.. but in a scenario likes yours I'd say there could be feelings involved as well. If you want to see if this guy is serious about you for who you are and not just the sex, then stop giving it to him, go out on dates and see if he asks you to be his girlfriend. If a guy is in love with you, he'll make you his girl. So bottom line, take away the benefits and then see what he does.

    • It isn't just about the sex, he sometimes moans at me saying 'I don't always have to make things sexual.' We have been out on a date & before arguing we talked a lot about doing stuff together & being really cute. Him saying 'it'll be good wherever we'll go as you'll be there.'

    • Well go on more dates then to see if he finally asks you out :)