What do I do? Need advice please?

I'm stuck , it's been over a year I've been seeing my friends with benefits we are close tell each other everything , deep things !! . We message all day every day , calls. It feels like a real relationship , sometimes things get frustrating we argue he always forgives me when I say nasty things , it's because I'm in love with him and it's frustrating me ! I can't tell him tho , I can't let go of him , I feel depressed and lonely I cry most nights I feel so down , last night I said I'm going to join a dating site , don't know why I said it , maybe to get a response , he said for me not to and he pretended to be cool about it and sent me dating site link , I know what he's like tho it's all a show , I was online chatting to my friend last night and he kept on popping up texting me like checking on me , usually he's in bed at that time. He's the type of man who can not say how he feels it's hard for me , I'm stuck don't know what to do? I'm confused my head is all over the place :( what do I do?


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  • Write it down, create something creative only if it would be just some particular words that he can pick it up and say to himself, so that is how you felt all this time...

  • Out your feelings.

    • I'm scared of rejection even tho I know he's nice he isn't horrible but I don't know what to expect and will I make a fool of myself

    • Well you've got to do something, so try making a move.

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