Ex boyfriend dumped me last week. Why would he say this in his last text?

My ex bf dumped me last week over text. However, before dumping me he wasn't sure whether he really wanted to because he knew girls like me were 'rare' (this is what he said himself)

Anyway, last week he broke up with me but wrote that he hoped 'our paths would cross again one day'

Why would he give me false hope like that and say that he hopes our paths would cross again one day?


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  • He's giving you false hope, because he wants to keep you as plan B and unfortunately, some women DO allow these types to walk all over them. After he's done fucking around he wants to have someone convenient and familiar to come back to and by saying that he may be hoping to plant a seed in you, where you'll always wait for him.

    He's a selfish twat, don't give him the time of day. If he wasn't man enough to end things face to face, don't bother ever replying to this piece of shit.

    • Thank you for your input :) you're spot on!

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  • If he dumped you once he will have no problems dumping you again. Don't put yourself through the waiting game; it may be hard now but you will find someone.

  • Sorry to say it but, Im thinking he's putting you in the in case of emergency pile, just in case he regrets his decision. Don't hold on to those words, sounds like you deserve a lot more than that in your future

    • That's what I thought too. I don't have any intention of getting back with him though after the way he treated me the last weeks of our relationship.

    • Yes I agreed

  • To dump someone through a text is cowardly most likely a real Immature person.


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