I found out the guy I was going out is seeing others?

I am going out with this guy and yesterday I couldn't go out with him because I had a business dinner and then I saw on his snapchat that he was out with another girl... I'm not sure what to do... Also he said he didn't want to see anyone besides me and all that bla bla bla , he was the one who said he wanted to date me and be only with me thats why I'm kinda confused and upset... what should I do guys?


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  • I think this guy obviously is playing games with you. The best thing to do is just stop talking to him for awhile. If he truly wanted you to be his then he would've asked you out, as in you be his girlfriend. Also, if he truly wanted you to be his and only his he wouldn't of went out with another girl just because you declined his offer since you were busy.


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  • I highly doubt you have anything to be afraid of for two reasons. He has expressed that he wants to date you and only you. thats big. two, either he is just out with a friend and has nothing to hide or he is one dumb mo-effer for him to post his cheating on a place he knows you can see.
    the way i see it, don't press the issue, assume he is just out with a friend. remember YOU couldn't make it not the other way around. don't over think it, DEFINITELY DON'T interrogate him, which I'm pretty sure every girly instinct is screaming you should do. lastly, even with the above said, keep your eyes and ears open for patterns. Im not saying go snoop in his private business (if you are going to do that, you might as well just interrogate him, both have the same consequence) I'm just saying pretend you didn't even notice. its probably just a friend.

  • Do you really think the guy is out with another girl who he's dating? Because honestly another girl could be anyone. If there isn't any legitimate proof then how can you be sure that he's seeing someone else? Get legitimate proof that he's cheating first before making any decisions.


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