Did I do anything wrong here like seriously?

tonight me and my friend brought t two girls (sisters) back form a party we were at. my friend has met them before, i met them tonight.

anyway they came back to my apartment, we were having a good time drinking beers, making out, etc. then i was in my living room alone with her, more kissing, touching.

then i said "wanna see something awesome in my room?" and she was like "yeah show me". so i thought i had it in the bag. in the doorway i stopped and i tried kissing her. then just stopped and was like, "wait hold on, wait wheres my sister". we find them making out about to have sex, and she made her leave.

so my question is, was i wrong in making that move to go to my room? because right after that she avoided me and didn't even kiss me goodnight after such a great time.

she's the younger sister i'm 21 she's 19. the older sister was convincing the younger one (my girl) to stay. and after they left my friend said that his girl was touching his dick and they could have had sex.

im mean you come back to guys' apartment at 4am, what do you expect i'll try to do? this girl was a bit lame too, overall. if i tried doing that to a girl with a good personality, she would kiss me back and "no lets go back to living room".


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  • I'm not sure if you were wrong. But as long as you had respect for her and her friend when they decided they wanted to leave its all good. She may not be that type of girl to have sex right away, and got confused. So I don't know maybe if it's that and your still interested in her, make no moves to the bedroom or about having sex right now.


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  • I don't think that it was your fault, and you did nothing wrong by doing so. She might have taken it the wrong way is all. But, you are not at fault by doing so. Try and talk to her if you can.

  • Was she the older sister?


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