What triggers your "interest" in someone when your first meet them?

In other words, what is the secret formula for someone meeting you for the first time, to get a "click" with you.

What will make you look at the person instead of looking away? What will make you feel comfortable while sitting next to him/her for that first glass?

I can learn something here... I'm guilty of being a single old timer!


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  • i guess... how they phrase things. or what they say. if they say something intelligent that's a new 'thought' (to me), i find that very attractive. voice. having... idk. smart yet kind eyes. there has to be some physical attractiveness. just enough.

    being comfortable depends on humor imo. if he can make jokes or respond to mine in kind- the agreement between our humors makes the environment much easier to be in.

    • Haha, that last condition I can meet. Humour is not for sale with me, it just comes haha :-)

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    • Wait until I REALLY start joking. You'll feel cramps everywhere from all that loughing hahahahahaaaaaah!

    • Still fully agree with your answer when I read it again... so defitely the most helpful :-)

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  • How they speak. I like talkative people.

    • Haha, me too. Ask long as they talk in a sweet way they can speak non-stop!

  • At the beginning I guess is the natural chemistry, within time knowing he's genuinely interested in getting to know me and cares for my feelings and vice versa someone who keeps me interested to wanting to know more about him and his feelings, point of views, etc..

    • Oh yes, that sounds nice and wise :-)
      Looking at the personality, not just the face! I agree!

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