Was he flirting with me or screwing with me?

I went to the fair with one of my old friends (he's a guy), and he brought a friend along, also a guy. Please enjoy the bullet points of what he did to me.

☆ When we first arrived, he wanted to know my story. So i told him a little about myself, but he kept asking.

☆ We walked past a game, and the game owner forced him to pay for a game for the two of us. After asking who's girlfriend i was. We won a stoned banana.

☆We we're talking about what we we're gonna do w/ our money and phones, and i said i can put mine in my bra, and he said can i go in there too? And my friend was like, dude she's two years younger than us, and he was like no, she's 14, im only one year younger.

☆He kept calling me baby throughout the night.

☆He kept hugging me.

☆On one ride, all 3 of us were able to get on and sit by each other, and i had the banana in between my legs, and he took it out, held it up againts my chest and said, the banana is very happy now, and then said lets never talk about this again.

☆ They both wanted to get on the Ferris wheel, but they creepy me out, so he told me, its okay Baby, Desteny I got you.

☆ He also kept saying I was his lover.


So jI dunno, im not a attractive girl, so i was guessing he was fucking around with me.
I've never been flirted with so i dont know.


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  • he might find you attractive though. dont be so hard on yourself.

    • A guy like him wouldn't find a girl like me pretty

    • he was either flirting because he had some interest in you on some level. he was hanging out with you. if he was only joking with you then he is an ass and you don't want to be with him and he is not better then you. we all have flaws don't be hard on yourself.

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