Do guys like girls who make the first move?

Me and my friends went out last night and the club we wanted to go to had a huge queue. So we started waiting in line and I asked the bouncer how long it will approximately take us to get in, since it was really cold outside so we could decide if it was worth waiting. He then told me that it might take a while and offered me his jacket. Once I had stepped back to my friends he followed me and told me he's let us in now. (There were about 50 people waiting before us). Whenever we stepped out of the club for a cigarette he gave me this really cute smile. Since he was working it was impossible to start a concersation with him. So at the end of the night I decided to hand him a piece of paper with my number and thanks for letting us in early written on it. After I had handed it to him i immediately walked away not leaving him time to say anything. According to my friends he watched me as i walked away. He hasn't texted (yet). Do youthink it was a little to forward? How would you feel about a girl just giving you her number? Then again.. maybe he just didn't like me and was just doing his job and i misread the signs. Any opinions on what i did?

He texted :) thanks for the replies though :D I'll definitely will continue to make the first move. i get hit on so often so why not controll who I'd like to start a conversation with (risking getting rejected)


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  • I think the vast majority of men appreciate and are flattered by women who show interest in them. I know I would be and every guy I know would too. But that doesn't automatically mean he would like and want to date you.

    The same is true when guys approach women. The percentage of them who are actually interested is pretty low and most times we get rejected. Keep in mind too that he may already be in a relationship, or may even be gay. You just never know. That is the risk we all take when we show interest in someone. It's just the nature of the game.

    I hope he calls or tests you and you two can get together, but if not, I hope you won't let it stop you from trying again with the next guy you like.


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  • Honestly it sounds like he was flirting with you and I don't really think that was too forward. All you can do now is wait.


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  • I would find it hard to believe we wouldn't have liked it.


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