Guys if you take your new girlfriends name off your status or bio on Twitter what does it mean?

My friend wants to know her boyfriend came out of a rship with his ex and straight away gt into a new one with her.
He had her name on his biography thing on Twitter for a few months and now it's gone!
She said they get along and like eachorher but she's curious if he misses his ex who he had a strong connection with but doesn't talk to anymore.
Taking her name down on his bio doesn't mean he's up to something right?


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  • She shouldn't have got into a relationship with him right away. Its called a rebound relationship and never last. You hurt so bad that you look for comfort anywhere but the grieving process can stay buried only for so long

    • True but they're very happy together she just isn't too sure. Like he found someone who can treat him better than his ex but like you said he shouldn't of got into it right away

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