Ladies, at what point do you feel like a guy can have your number?

Hey ladies, what I am curious to know is at what point do you let a guy have your number. Asking because I don't want to blow it with this lady in my college class. Please feel free to input when it is NOT the right time to ask for a woman number.


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  • Well, I've been asked for my number a lot of times, but the most times when I'm comfortable giving my number to a guy is after I've known them for at least two weeks, and we talk a lot. If we don't talk that much and it's only in like one class when we talk, and we don't talk out of class, I would say about a month. If you do it after a week I get kind of hesitant, like umm I just met you. So after the 2 week mark, I think you'll be good. 3 weeks if you want to be sure.


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  • If i see him around a lot.. even if we dont talk much and he asked for my number id give him it.


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