I told him I that I thought I was falling in love with him and he asked for 2 weeks space. What does that mean?

I've been dating this guy 3 mths. I told him I thought I was falling in love with him. And he went MIA for 2 days. When we did talk he explained that he wasn't ready for a relationship and didn't like titles etc etc. but then when I asked if he wanted to end things he told me that he just didn't know if it was fair to me to continue because my feelings were stronger than his. I told him I understood and didn't want to pressure him but I did like him and wanted to continue and see where things went if he wanted to. i was ok waiting. He then said he enjoyed my company, loved waking up next to me, and cooking with me and just cuddling on the couch watching movies. It wasn't just about sex. We hung out more than we had sex. He cared ab me and liked me a lot. The end of the call he asked for 2 weeks time to get his mind straight and time to get his "shit together" an at the end of that 2 wks we would sit down and have dinner and talk. I told him I respected tht and would give him his time.
My confusion here comes from him talking ab taking me home with him to meet his family (out of state) and he talking ab hangin with my family. I don't understand why a guy would talk like that but then turn around and say he wasn't ready for a relationship. What's the difference?
My question to you guys is; did he just ask for 2 weeks to let me down easily? Is it over? Or do you think he will really contact me at the end of 2 weeks and have dinner? Why does he need space?


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  • He sounds EXACTLY like my now ((EX)) it's complicated me and my ex were off I forgot 6 months broke up never made it off again but technically well we're still together I wanted to make it off but he didn't and his excuse was because he wasn't ready he needed to get his shit together as far as work and school went he wanted to have time and space to himself because he just couldn't seem to make Time for me... yet we were ALWAYS together in public and behind closed doors and acted as an official couple MAKES NO SENSE!!! He just DoD not want to make us official I stuck around for almost 3 years because I loved him and he still treated me as his girl and acted as my boyfriend but just about 2 weeks ago I'd had enough of it I found myself giving him everything that I could with no commitment from him I started getting frustrated

    Because he'd tell me one minute I like you blah blah and the next oh well I don't think I'm ready rig now then we'd go right back to doing the same thing a gain it was like a cycle anyways I told him I'd had enough that I loved him but I deserved someone who gave a shit about ME and not just their own needs and wants I told him to leave me alone

    I put eve into him money love respect care belief time everything and I left with nothing! Nothing but another broken heart TRUST me if a guy tells you he's not ready BELIEVE him and walk away or cut ev off and remain friends because it will eve turn into him using you and unfortunately he might what may seem, never be ready it may take him one week one month one year or even more to be ready befoe you make a decision think very carefully because you pretty much have a 50/50 chance good lucky!


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  • uhm, dump this guy ASAP. wth, his excuse for giving the both of you space is COMPLETELY STUPID. he just isn't ready for a real relationship and he's obviously not ready to be committed to just one person. I'm in love with my boyfriend and he isn't with me yet -_- but when I tell him I love him he just says "thanks babe" it doesn't make sense but I go along with it.

    • He didn't get freaked out when you first told him that? I'm scared maybe I told him too soon. But I'm really comfortable with him. I feel like we are already In a relationship jut no title. Even he said the only difference is the commitment and title. But he's not seeing anyone else. I know he expressed before his fear in relationships bc of being hurt by so many girls. I been hurt too and I been single 5yrs because of it. He's the first one I felt this way ab. Maybe 3 mths was too soon to drop the L bomb. ?

    • I dropped it on our 3rd month too. he didn't freak out. I'm glad I told him through text and not in person. if I told him in text he would've probably felt awkward.

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