Should I move on, or fight for her?

There´s this girl that i have lot of history with. She was crazy for me about 2 years ago, she was then shy and overall a good girl. I wasn´t ready for a relationship, even though i liked her, so i just let her go. Then she started going out more frequently going to parties, getting drunk, etc.

On those 2 years I wanted to see if something could develop and on two separate occasions, months apart, we went out and were on the brink of starting a relationship but she on the last moment didn´t want to anymore, she wanted to have more fun with friends...

So i just resigned myself it would not happen.

Last week she started texting me again. So far so good, i went to her house, had long talks, she tells me she has changed, no partying like before, and she drops hints she´s into me. She got sick, so she´s at her house all day no school, and basically we just do small talk on whatsapp and she recently just ignored me on whatsapp. After all the talks, hints, etc.

Please help me, i really like this girl, I don´t even know why, i just do.

Should i swallow my pride and try to iniciate more conversations when she is crearly and knowingly ignoring my conversation. Or i should let her go finally.

I borrowed a book from her, so I´ve been thinking that when i give it back, after small talk, ask her what does she really want. That i just want to know for sure what are her intentions or if I should just never bother her again.

The uncertainty is what´s driving me nuts.


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  • Say what you want to say and let the words fall out

  • i used to like this guy for a very long time
    yet he is just like u
    he was not ready yet
    i hope he will eventually likes me back after a long time
    just like u did
    i sincerely hope so
    this girl u are talking about surely loves u a lot back then
    she changed for u man
    just like i did for this guy i like
    but maybe she finds something quite off in your relationship
    u should figure it out if u really like her
    then try to make it work if it is fixable
    IF u really like her
    just dont let her down anymore. it hurts bad. really bad

    • I´m pretty sure she didn´t change for me. She sure as hell right now is in control and she is deciding to ignore me.

    • And i hope everything works out for you. You have my best wishes

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