Ladies would or have you dated a guy who's gave you the cold shoulder at first but then warms up to you?

Lets say you like a certain guy but he's not warming up to you, (not that he doesn't like you he's just picky of girls he dates) would you try to break him out of his shell or just give up on him knowing that making a shy guy feel comfortable is beneath you?

I'm not saying keep chasing after him or 100 times but maybe two or three times.

If you would give up on him is it because you want to play hard to get towards a guy until he has earn the right to date you?


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  • Nope, have never done it. And will ever do it

    • Have you ever been standoffish towards a guy at first then d dating him?

    • no :) I make up my mind really fast. The first impression is almost always right

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  • I've only dated guys that were nice and charming from the beginning. If they were ever a jerk or rude, I pretty much wrote them off.

    • I didn't mean him being rude but more like him being shy

  • No, either he likes me at first sight or he doesn't. He has to at least seem interested and if he isn't then I am not wasting any of my time.

    • Have you ever like any of your ex boyfriends at first sight?

    • I only go for guys that I like at first sight. I am not just talking about looks but the way he treats others and how he carries himself. So my answer I yes, all guys I have dated have been guys I have liked at first sight.

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