I need some good reasons to confess to my crush. A pep-talk at this point would be wonderful?

So, it happened. I developed a crush. Here's a summary of this event:

At the end of July, during band camp (it's something marching bands do to get ready for the season), I fell for this guy a year older than me. After several weeks nonstop hoping for some kind of interaction, I received my wish. I've even found some evidence he likes me, too.

I now plan to confess to him, or at least hint at liking him, the last day before Christmas break. I have several weeks until I do this though, and I don't know how to do it. My biggest fear is rejection. Where I will loose his friendship forever.

I need some positive, solid reasons to confess. I promise to return the favor for an answer! Thanks!


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  • Two things, do you talk to him at all? What are the "tells" that he likes you?

    • Yes. We take nearly every day.
      There are many things, but I will round it off to the big ones:
      1.) He follows me whenever he can. Not in a stalker way, but if I'm going somewhere to get something, he hopes up to go in an instant.
      2.) I'm always getting his jacket wrapped around my shoulders. It doesn't matter if I'm even the smallest bit chilly, it goes around me. Recently, when we were in uniform, he took me against his chest to keep me warm.
      3.) My friend (who plans to hook us up) took him to the side one day at practice and asked who he liked. He was "scanning the room" as he tried to stutter a response.
      4.) He's extremely protective.
      5.) He's not at all a touchy or talkative person. When it comes to me, apparently he is.

    • How cute... anyway.

      What did you want to say to him? I mean, if he's the introverted type (vs shy, yes there is a difference) as you listed and everything else, you'd want to ease into it SLLOOWWLY.

      I'd try to being up dating in the general sense. Kind of feel the waters

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  • I've got one for you... the next time his jacket lands on your shoulders, kind of playfully ask if that means that you are his girlfriend, then look at him with puppy dog eyes, bite your bottom lip and move in a little bit and put your right hand on his chest... that's how you "test the waters"... within seconds you will have your answer... its not slutty, its an effective way to get to the point

  • Don't just walk up to him out of the blue and say "I like you" without even talking to him beforehand.


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