How do I ask a guy out that likes me but he knows that I'm not ready for a realtionship?

Ok I told myself I would never ask out a guy but i guess he must be special. Plus im a rule breaker aparently. See when this guy and I met, I wasn't sure of him but now Im growing feelings for him. We met at a party ( Dont worry. I was the one to take care of the drunks.) but only talked for a little while. Then a couple days later he fb requested me and i accepted it. A couple hours later he messages me. Our converation lasted almost til 1 in the morning ( they normally last that long and sometimes now through out the day). The first conversation we had we played 20 Q: and one of his questions was what was my realtionship status. I told him complicated and he asked why. I dodge the question and told him it wasn't his turn. Finally i told him im single but its complicated (later as we got to know each other better i finally told him why i didn't want to be in a relationship). I know he wants to date because he hints to me all the time. Now i have feelings for him and what happened over a month ago sucked but he makes me forget what anyone ever did wrong to me. He has my trust and i told him that. I told him i dont trust to many people. I told him everything that happened with that guy. I told him how i blamed myself and the how i blamed the guy for what he did to me afterwards. He just told me he didn't care what i did because its the past. He told me things he has done and regreted. I think he's afraid to ask me our though because i told him i wasn't ready for a realtionship. We hangout all the time, talk all the time. I've been in his house he's been in mine it seams like we are dating but not officially. Please help


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  • Just ask him on a date already. It's that simple. Easier yet, next time you plan a hangout, say it's a date. He likes you, you like him, it doesn't get any easier than that. Or just tell him your ready to date again and take him up at his next offer.


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